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For some reason I always feel like doing an introduction when starting a new project. If it is a blog then I got to have the introduction post and if it is a YouTube channel then I got to have the introduction video. Even though nobody wants or cares about being introduced to anything for some reason I like to put something together to give the project a starting point.

Plus one day years down the road I will want to come back and see how far I have come. Making a silly video showing my inexperience I think is a great way to capture that. The first 100 videos are going to be lame anyways according to Mr. Beast. But after those 100 videos it is nothing but fame and fortune after that. And according to Mr. Beast in this video all I need to do is make 100 videos and improve something each time and then we will talk. So let’s go!

So it is nice to meet you all and I hope you enjoy the introduction video. If you have any questions for us please leave a comment either here or on the video. You can check out our channel at and in the near future we will bring you a lot of fun stuff to watch and things to do. We are going to live the best life possible and will help as many people in our community do the same!

Next Up

Next up on the plate is a story video call “One, One, and One.” I am going to attempt to create the artwork 100% myself instead of using so many stock photos like I did the in the above video. Plus I am out of money so can’t really afford to use any more stock so original content only! That is what ya’ll want anyways right?

After that it is time to start working on our game Llamabots and our upcoming running blog “Get The Lead Out.” I want to make some videos that follow those projects. I’m thinking those projects need their own YouTube channels. Maybe a developer vlog and maybe some tutorials on how to do some of the stuff we are going to do. I’m not sure. The real goal is to just create and always be publishing something.

So help me out, leave a comment and keep us motivate to keep pushing forward and discovering new things. Always stay curious and always keep learning. That is the true goal here.

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