The Next 90 Days

I figure it will probably take around 90 days for me to really change a habit. To go from having a bad habit to leaving it behind is a longer process and while in reality it probably takes longer than 90 days (like maybe a lifetime). If we are going to do the damn thing and stop wasting our time then some of these habits are going to need to change. At least for now.

While I go through this transition I expect some strange content. I hope you can enjoy it knowing that I am going through a period of great change and self discovery. It probably won’t be the most exciting or entertaining but I am just trying to have fun myself and not suffer withdrawal.

So bear with me.

The goals here are very simple.

  • Quit smoking
  • Quit caffinee
  • Pass that body scan mentioned in the video above
  • New Content Daily
  • Build a massive content library
  • Once library built do some stuff to promote it
  • Hopefully someone likes it enough

I figure to call this project a success we need that 2 billion or so views / hits / impressions. That amount across all platforms is the retirement number. Hit that and whatever we want to do is going to be possible. I figure there are two ways of getting there:

  • Get 3 viral hits
  • Post 100,000 pieces of content

Either way just go do some stuff and eventually you will get there. I figure I just got to focus on creating some stuff about things I am interested in.

So over the next 90 days I make no promises. I will do my best to come up with something worthy but in reality I am going to just be doing my best to be slightly better. Best I can do at this point is try my best. Eventually I will get to that do what is required point but I have to build myself up to that.

While I work on that I defer to my friends Will Pie, Bob the Burgler, and the Narrator to entertain and take you all on adventures.

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