Fresh Sauce

Here we are at the very beginning of an amazing journey ahead. The goals are simple and things that are completely under our control.

First the empire needs a good outlet for our video communications. We need an easy to consume way to get our message and share our cool adventures with the world. That means building a YouTube channel. To build a YouTube channel first you really need a nice collection of videos people can watch. What is the point of bringing in a bunch of people if you don’t have a good chunk for them to consume. So goal #1 is to post 10 YouTube Videos.

Once we have the YouTube channel up and running the next step will be to get some other channels working in our favor. So I’m thinking we of course need this website to hit the Google search channel. We need some YouTube shorts that we can then use to hit Tik Tok. So a bunch of cool posts to the site like this one, and like 5 shorts for getting the word out.

After we get all that going it is time to jump into the real purpose of the entire ordeal and that is the projects. First project is going to be Llama Bots. I have never developed a video game in my life but I am ready to take on the challenge. Hopefully by creating something with this project I can land a job as a developer or something like that at a games studio or similar.

Now that I have the plan all listed out like this it feels like it is in the wrong order. We should probably do something like this:

  • Develop Llama Bots for portfolio
  • Get the Job you Want instead of the Job you have.
  • Then 10 YouTube Videos
  • Then a bunch of posts to the site
  • Then the 5 shorts

Or maybe all kinda at the same time. I am going to need some serious focus here folks.

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