The Running Blog Idea

I need to get in shape ya’ll. I spend a lot of time working on projects which usually involves sitting in front of a computer and after doing this over many years I am starting to lose my stamina. In the past I have not had much success with plans for exercise but I have a new idea this go around. What if I turn it into a project that depends on me doing the exercise every single day?

A Running Blog?

So I am thinking of starting a running blog type of thing. Something that requires me to go on a run every single day for the sake of the content. If I don’t go for a run the project will be a failure and it will be all on my shoulders. Maybe that would be enough pressure to make me actually do the work?

And who knows maybe I will get a few people to cheer me along. Or even better yet join me in the journey to fitness. For some reason the goal of doing 3 miles every day appeals to me for some reason. The goal isn’t crazy hard but isn’t an easy right out of the gate kind of thing.

Name Ideas

If I am going to start a running blog I need a good name. I’m thinking “Get the Lead Out” or “GTLO” so I am going to let that name simmer a bit and see if I still like it in a day or so. The name just needs to be something people can remember so when they want to come back to the content they can figure out what to search for. That name also seems to capture how I feel at the moment and the overall goal.

I will probably go with it but I generally tend to fall out of love with the names I choose. This time around no matter how I feel about the name I am not going to let it change the project.

Web Blast

In the past my strategy has always been to publish as soon as I can. Once I create something go ahead and get it out into the world. In this case I think I am going to try to build up a good collection of content so that I can be publishing every day and hopefully build up some momentum.

So I’m thinking before anything I need to get together:

  • 30 Blog Posts / Website Content
  • 5 Long Form Videos
  • 10 shorts

So about a good first month’s worth of content to give me a good start and some time to create the next content for the site. Depending on how it goes we can keep up making a lot of content or can pull back and maybe update a little less often to give us time to work on other projects. Really all depends on the success we see in the first month.

The Niche

The running niche is very crowded with a ton of really talented creators. Because of this I am setting my expectations fairly low. Really the reason I am picking this niche is completely personal. My goal with building an empire is to be able to do whatever I want to do and then just do a little work on the side to support it by creating something valuable for someone else. I don’t want to have to worry about finding a profitable niche and forcing myself into that box. I want to be able to cover whatever it is I want to cover and not worry about all that other stuff.

I must be successful no matter what I am covering so that is the goal. Plus it is in health and fitness so if we do find any kind of audience then it should be a money maker as far as ads go.

Time to Get to Work

Looks like I have plenty todo.

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