The Llama Bots Idea

I have always wanted to build a video game with all the game features I love from all my favorite games. The time to take on this project is now. It is a lot to take on building websites and a game but if I want to find a way out of the rat race I am going to need to try a couple different things and see what really sparks my fire.

For the longest time I have had dreams of building a game called Lllama Bots that is sorta like a RTS. Think of League of Legends but with more simple mechanics for a less experienced audience. The idea is if you can click the right buttons and have a good strategy of deploying your minions then you will do well in the game. Instead of controlling a hero like in LOL you instead either build a factory if you play the Llama Bots side or build a training camp if you choose the human side.

Once you build up your factory or camp your minions do all the war fighting and the side with the most powerful minons end up overpowering the weaker side and win the game.

A Few Random Requirements

So for my game I have a few things, goals you might call them, that I want the game to accomplish.

  • I want the game to be able to be played in a browser
  • Multiplayer so you are playing against a real person would be ideal

The Graphics

I am no artist by any means. For example here is a quick pixel art of a llama.

So you know the game is going to need some artistic TLC. But the first goal is to get a working protype up and running and make it fun to play. If I can do that then I think that opens the door to find someone willing to put in the effort to help me on the art front. Or who knows maybe with a little practice and some color my artwork might rise to the acceptable for use level.

Tools to Build It

Since this is my first game project I don’t have a lot of experience as far as game development goes. There are a ton of different engines and honestly I kind of want to try a project with each one to really learn what engine fits best with what type of game. From what I gather they all have their own pros and cons.

For this project I am leaning toward Gamemaker Studio. It just seems like it has what I am looking for as far as features and I think it can handle what I am looking to do. I should be able to determine if this is a mistake after putting in a few hours working on building the game.

Game Building Resources

There is a ton of great stuff on the internet when it comes to game development. Here are a few sites I want to remember and will reference on this adventure:

  • – this site has a ton of great information on developing games. From looking at the business side to the tools needed down to avoiding scams this is the indie development bible.
  • – lots of tutorials and helpful information if you are going to use this game engine to build your games. I am so going to need to reference the site often.

Yeah so that is the idea and hopefully we will be posting some more updates on this soon as I get to work making the game a reality. Let’s go!

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