Cover Letter Prompt Generator

Fill out the information below. All fields are optional but the more information the better the cover letter ChatGPT will produce. None of this information is saved (see the source code for all the scripting to verify) Hit the button once complete to get your prompt.

What Job are we applying for?

The first input needed is the title of the job you are applying. You can simply copy and paste the job title from the job posting.

Style of the Cover Letter

You should tailer the cover letter to the type of job. If it is a strictly professional type of job choose professional. If it is a more creative type of job choose qwerky. Looking in entertainment...choose funny.

Past Job Experience


Expereience One: It is good to mention some relevant expeirence you may have. Enter in the title of your most recent job and how many years you have been there. Include the name of the company if you want it mentioned in the cover letter.

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